Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mlab New release: Sauti ya Jogoo - Niki Mbishi Ft Maulo & bella kombo

If you carefully analyze his released songs, you will realize that NIKKI MBISHI always come with a surprise gem which later become a star. He started with his debut song “PUNCHLINES” where surprise package was GRACE MATATA (first song her voice to be heard on the radio), then his second release “KILA SIKU” which also featured by Belle 9 and Godzilla was an opportunity for the introduction of ONE THE INCREDIBLE. The third radio release material for the self proclaimed king of freestyle “PLAYABOY” was the platform for BEN POL to introduce his voice on the media. Now he is coming with the new gem “bella”. The talented singer, one of the THT rpoduct, was one of the previous BSS finalists; she is now a member of machozi band and also working on her solo album. This song was recorded early last year, by that time Bella was not on the map, Nikki is still proving that not only he is one of the best hip-hop stars of his generation but also he has a good ear. Music lab is glad to introduce his new joint “Sauti Jogoo” featuring Bella & Maulo, below are the details:

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