Monday, April 25, 2011


Today is World Malaria Day.  I know this is not a Westerner problem, but it is a Global Problem.  The death and damage caused by Malaria in Africa and other tropical nations have consequences for the entire world.  Every day 2000 children (under 5) die from malaria - every 5 minutes one person dies.  I know you are all people who care about humanity.  Help me spread the word about the fight against Malaria.  But the song, listen, play it for your friends, make a ringtone for your phone.  This issue is very personally important to me, I have seen a lot of people in my life die from malaria.  Please help me spread the word about the dangers of Malaria on World Malaria Day, April 25th.  (and even after!).  So many people don't know about this day because the Western media doesn't see malaria as an important issue.  It is up to us to spread the word.  Next year everyone around the world will know about World Malaria Day and will have heard my song.  Help me make this happen.

Here are many places you can find the song:

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