Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alex Kajumulo, the Bushman to headline the Malaria Awareness Festival in Kyela, Tanzania, July 10, 2011

Alex Kajumulo

Seattle World Fusion R&B Artist Alex Kajumulo will perform his new single, 
“Malaria is Dangerous” at the two day Malaria Awareness Festival put forward by the
Government of Kyela District, Mbeya Region, an area hit extremely hard by Malaria.

(April 11, 2011) SEATTLE, WA – kutokana na mwaliko wa manispaa ya mji wa kyela mtu mzima Alex Kajumulo atapaform katika tamasha la MALARIA IS DANGEREOUS ambalo litafanyoika katika viwanja vya Mwakangele kwa siku mbili ikiwa ni tarehe 9 na 10 julai, 2011. Lengo kuu la tamasha hili likiwa ni kusaidia watu wanaosumbuliwa na ugonja wa malaria hasa kwa mji wa kyela. Kwa mara ya kwanza tamasha la kusaidia watu katika janga la malaria kwani ugonjwa huu ni ugonjwa  hatari sana litafanyika katika maeneo ya kijijini ambapo maleria ndio yanasumbua sana. Hii ni nafasi ya kipekee ya Tanzania kuonesha nchi nyingine kuwa inapinga na kupigana vita dhidi ya malari na sio tu kukaa na kusubiri misaada kutoka katika nchi tajiri. Tamasha litaanza mida ya mchana The concert will be held Sunday at 6 pm, Tanzania time, and will be streamed live on the internet (10 am Eastern time, 7 am Pacific time).
Alex Kajumulo was born and raised in the bush of Tanzania where Malaria was a dangerous part of life.  Having seen loved ones die from Malaria and experiencing the sickness himself, Alex wants to help raise awareness about the importance of fighting Malaria in Africa.   Malaria is widespread and is even reaching into parts of Africa that didn’t used to see Malaria mosquitoes because of climate change/global warming.   It is like the air -everywhere - and though it might seem like an impossible fight, it isn’t.  Today we have many tools for prevention and treatment, and through research are developing better ways to fight Malaria every day.   It is important that we all remember that Malaria is the most dangerous killer in Africa and that we must continue fighting this killer.
Alex hopes that “Malaria is Dangerous” will play a small part in raising awareness and bringing people together for this fight.  “Malaria is Dangerous” is available now at CDBaby, I-tunes and other digital music outlets.  It will also be featured on the upcoming children’s compilation album, “Who’s the Real Cowboy” that will be released later this year.  Alex performed “Malaria is Dangerous” live at the Triple Door in Seattle on November 24th, 2011 for a special Malaria Awareness event.  The performance can be viewed on youtube at and was broadcast on SCANTV and streamed live on the internet.
Alex Kajumulo has produced six albums under the BabuKaju Record Label: Never Before, Justice for Mankind, Searching for Love, I'm Kool Like That, Bushman Vision, and Never Surrender. Alex’s first album, Never Before (2007) and has played on radio stations around the world, rising to the top ten on the charts in many African countries and on the World Music Charts in Canada.  Several of Alex’s song’s have been finalists in International Songwriting Competition.  Non-profit environmental agencies around the world, like the New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers, the Audubon Society of Central Oklahoma, the Earth Charter Youth Initiative, and The Climate Project have been using Alex’s song “Global Warming” from the Bushman Vision album in their promotional campaigns.
You can find Alex’s albums and additional singles for sale where digital music is sold, including iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.  Check out his websites and or visit him on myspace at to hear new tracks or read Alex’s blog posts.

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