Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Final selection of Models who will participate in Swahili Fashion Week 2010.
Male models being selected at the model casting for Swahili Fashion Week 2010.

Swahili Fashion Week 2010 Model Casting took place at Southern Sun Hotel

100 expectant models auditioned...

60 female and 40 male models arrived at Southern Sun Hotel for the greatly anticipated model casting for Swahili Fashion Week 2010.

All hopeful models were welcome to audition for the chance of being a part of the Swahili Fashion Week extravaganza.

The final selection included 16 female models and 8 male models who will open this years show on Thursday 4th to 6th November 2010 at Karimjee Garden.

Swahili Fashion week is a platform for designers – both fashion and accessory – from Swahili speaking countries to showcase their creativity, market their art and network with their clientele.

This is all aimed at promoting fashion as an income generating, job creating industry while emphasizing a “Made in East Africa” concept.

Swahili Fashion Week 2010 has been sponsored by the home of Swahili Fashion Week - Southern Sun, Origin Africa, USAID Compete, MALARIA HAIKUBALIKI , BASATA (Baraza La Sanaa Taifa), Ultimate Security, Monier 2000, Colour Print Ltd, Global Outdoor Ltd, Amarula, Vayle Springs Ltd, ZG Films, Darling Hair, Danish make up designs, Nipashe, Bilicanas, Perfect Machinery Ltd, 1&1 Internet Solutions, Sengi Tours, Ifashion, 361 Degrees and EATV & East Africa Radio.

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